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Harrison Charles Design is a digital design agency based in Birmingham, England. We specialise in Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing & Management and Website Design. We work with businesses and brands to help the growth through all areas of their brand. To find out more get in touch and see how we can help you and your business.

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A Digital Design Agency…. It Sounds Fancy/Mystic/Complicated Right! Well we wouldn’t call ourselves that, Harrison Charles Design simply love to create content for people to help businesses and individuals grow. The question is…. what can we create for you? Whether you are a small-medium business or a large organisation we can help and we love to work with all sizes and types of companies, what ever it is you need just know you’re in safe hands.

Graphic Design

What it says on the tin.... We create beautiful eye catching design work to cover your every need. From Business Brochures and Infographics through to Advertising Campaigns and Album Artwork we have got you covered.

Web Design

A marketing must for any business and brand. Our website designers create stunning, responsive and user friendly websites specifically tailored to your businesses needs.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media is a must for the modern day business, it allows you to build a credible online presence, gain trust from potential customers and grow your audience and in turn your business. However most business owners don't know where to begin or have the knowledge to grow their business through Social Media. This where we come in, let us handle this for you with our outstanding Social Media Marketing & Management packages.

Design For Print & Packaging

Whether it's revamped business cards, price lists and brochures or some custom coffee cups for your showroom we have got you covered.


Your brand isnt just your logo (Although this is a big factor) your brand conveys who you are to your market. Giving clients a clear, creative and clean brand is a key part of a companies image. We work with you to ensure that you are conveying your business in the most effective way to your target audience.

Looking For Social Media Management In Birmingham? .... You've Found Us!

Are you are looking to create clean, engaging and targeted social media content to help grow your enquiries and sales? If so then we can help you out.

Launching a new bar or restaurant can be a daunting thing, hoping that you get punters through the door. We asked the guys at Harrison Charles Design to set up and get us started on the right social media platforms. We were asked if we had thought about using paid advertisements on social media and it was something we had never heard of never mind thought of. We set a budget and Seamus done our copywriting and it was an instant success. We were getting inbox messages on facebook and instagram and we seen a pretty much immediate flow of new faces amongst the regulars. We cant thank them enough, they are not on speed dial for any tech or design jobs we need or are struggling with, always ready to help.
Stuart Farnell
Lounge 101, Birmingham

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