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Welcome to Harrison Charles Design.

Let us help your business grow and stand out from the crowd…

Who Are We

Harrison Charles Design – Birmingham, UK. A Digital Design Agency. Whether you are a small-medium business or a large organisation we can help and we love to work with all sizes and types of companies, what ever it is you need just know you’re in safe hands.

Our Mission

To make the world look better, our mission is to provide companies with a solid image that helps to convey their passion for their company and field to their client.

What We Do

We create beautiful Logos, Branding, Websites. We also create design for print such as business cards, brochures and much more. 

Our History

Like most projects or companies it started as just a hobby that progressed into a passion. Having always being interested in graphic design from a young age starting from cartoon characters to covers of computer games and growing up and showing an interest in the design of magazines and business branding i took to trying it out myself, after years of getting things wrong things finally started to go right and i developed my unique “Eye” for design. Starting out doing logos and business cards for various family members ventures using online design platforms, to then building websites and eCommerce platforms from scratch for local startups i started to become more confident, competent and skilled in what i was doing. I really enjoy working with businesses and individuals closely on their brands and businesses and making them really stand out with amazing design concepts. Working along side a client and seeing their buzz and excitement as they see their branding go from resembling a small firm who are just plodding along, to presenting themselves as a company who has dominated their market for years and being proud of their companies brand and image is a fantastic feeling that we love to see unfold at the end of a project. So i decided to set up a little project and see how it went and here we are today….. Harrison Charles Design.

Our 6-D process



Whether we have found and approached you or you have been sent our way or found us on your journey this is where we begin our initial contact.



After deciding on working together this is where we sit down and figure out exactly what you need us to do for you.



Once we have decided what you need we start work on the best bit, we start to design and create your project.



We work our little fingers to the bone in background, creating in our little labs what will be your finished masterpiece.



We test and get ready to launch your final product and make sure everything works to perfection or looks exactly how we expected.



We deliver a finely tuned, designed piece of work and hand over everything that we’ve been working on for you and then lay in wait for our next project to begin together.

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