Our Top 6 Daily Tools As A Creative – On The Move.

We are often asked what we use day to day when working on projects, especially when we are on the move visiting clients and generally just ……. well, moving. So here’s our top 6 tools we must have as a creative on the move.

The MacBook

The MacBook, the powerhouse behind our business. Our setup is a MacBook Pro when on the move but an iMac in the office. From Photoshop and Illustrator to Premiere Pro and After Effects, nothing gets done without it! Without this we may as well just go back to using a Slate. 

iPad Pro

The powerhouse’s little brother (or sister whichever sibling you prefer). The iPad Pro is some people’s perfect tool for the day to day running of a business. Not as powerful as a MacBook when it comes to raster and vector design but when it comes to quick edits, sketching designs, note taking and running around meetings with it’s our go-to piece of kit. Ps grab yourself an Apple Pencil and a keyboard case and you’ll be unstoppable.

The Notebook

Not referring to the 2004 romantic hit movie but in actual fact…. a notebook (It was a great movie though). As much as technology is a pillar in our business sometimes you can’t beat a notebook and a pen.


Our weapon of choice is a compact DSLR more specifically a Sony A6000. We float between the stock lens and our favourite go to, the 50mm lens aka the nifty fifty. Being able to get this BadBoy out the backpack at the drop of a hat to take a product shot or just a shot of our loyal puppy dog is a massive tool. It allows us to always be able to create the right content for our clients. Snap Snap!


Specifically iPhone 11 Pro. I’m not going to teach you how to suck eggs. It phones, texts and emails…….. however it’s also our go to point and shoot camera on the off chance that we don’t have a main camera with us. We also have our go to apps on it that make our lives so much easier. We will cover these in another post soon.


When we are on the go we like to have all of the above kit with us. I have tried and tested so many back packs. Most either break and aren’t a great build quality or are too big or too small. Then we found the Gymshark X Series Backpack 0.3 this is our go to backpack, it comfortably holds all of the kit listed above and even has space for a few tasty unhealthy snacks (sorry Gymshark we love your backpacks but we chose snack life not racklife). It’s a great bit of kit and is perfect for our day to day and it’s really comfy when you go for a double strap attack. We have left a link down below to where you can get your hands on one.

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