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We help companies to increase their revenue by using tried and tested SEO strategies to increase their presence online and boost leads and footfall for their business.

SEO in Birmingham

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Our aim is to make a difference to your business.

We help businesses to grow their presence and revenue organically online by using proven processes and technical knowledge to implement and deliver tried and tested SEO strategies.

So How Does It Work?

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or more commonly known as SEO, is the process of growing your website’s traffic by organic and ppc methods. Basically, SEO helps to increase the visibility of your business and website organically across search engines. We break this down into a three step programme - 1. SEO Strategy 2. SEO Implementation 3. SEO Analysis. The main aim of SEO is to boost traffic and drive visitors to your website organically, leading to a higher rate of conversions stage by stage. If you require quicker results you would be looking for a Pay Per Click implementation strategy which is another area of online marketing.

How Long Does The SEO Process Take?

We would love nothing more than to tell you that it will take a day..... but we wouldn't be telling the truth. As the old saying goes "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" as the same rule applies to SEO, it's a long term process which requires a lot of time and work to achieve the best results, we normally advise that results are usually noticeable between 3-4 months this can also vary depending on the size of your website. Every business and website is different meaning each project can vary from the next in terms of time scale. The improvements and changes that we implement on your website wont present an overnight fix, its a long game..... and one that we always make sure you win. The main method of SEO is organic growth, while we work together the aim is that you would eventually no longer require us to manage your SEO and you would eventually generate "Free Traffic" through the process of SEO management. If you were looking to achieve results in a faster turnaround then you may be interested in running a PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaign which would create instant results while we help you grow organically.

Why Choose Us?

Harrison Charles Design have a wide skill set to go hand in hand with SEO in Birmingham. We have helped many businesses and individuals throughout Birmingham grow by utilising our knowledge of SEO and also implementing our other skillsets like copywriting and graphic design to help their content stand out from their competitors. We pride ourselves on the rapport that we build with out customers and building great relationships and friendships that help businesses grow. We always ensure that we have your best interests at heart, that way you know that your business is in heading in the right direction with help from the right people.


The first port of call is…. the sit down.

Here we discuss the project goals and exactly what it is that you want to achieve in working with us. We work alongside you to implement the right SEO Strategy enabling us to grow revenue and genuine leads for your business as soon as possible. All industries are different which is why each SEO Strategy is unique to each client. This is probably the most fundamental part of our SEO process it allows us to work together with you to establish our end goal and furthermore will allow you to know exactly what we are working towards.

Stage Two…. Implementation.

We put our plan of action to work. Using our tried and tested techniques that have been used in countless businesses SEO in Birmingham before, we will apply your custom strategy and begin implementing our plan. Using various onsite and offsite methods we will tailor your website to enable it to perform to its best capability. We cover every aspect available to make sure that we get top performance from your site and make sure you are ranking where you should be on Google.   There are many factors that come into play when developing your websites SEO from external website links to correct keyword use and good quality content. We have the correct skills to allow us to work seamlessly to handle every aspect of the project, from web design to copywriting we have got it covered, so you know your heading in the right direction.


& Analysis

Stage Three…. Maintenance & Analysis.

SEO is an ongoing project and one that in turn needs to be maintained and reviewed on a monthly basis. We feel that it is imperative that we keep our customers in the loop and vice versa. We hold monthly review meetings to make sure we are where we said we were going to be and provide you with relevant data and figures to show you just how well the project is performing and ensuring the results are coming into fruition. These reviews are also a great time for the customer to amend or adjust areas of the project. We also find this a great opportunity for you to provide us with new content or ideas for us to create content in order to enhance the performance of your businesses website in turn boosting revenue and growth.

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